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Bodrum Kos Ferry Schedules

Kos is the second most popular island of the Dodecanese, after Rhodes. It is quite developed in terms of tourism and its facilities are very active in the summer season. Famous for its beaches, the island offers many historical landmarks as a result of the various cultures that have influenced it over the years. Kos is also a great destination for cycling enthusiasts!

Bodrum Kos Feribot, Bodrum Kos Ferry

Bodrum Kos Ferry

You can easily reach the island of Kos by ferryboats departing from Bodrum. Bodrum Kos ferry services, which continue throughout the year, are arranged reciprocally every day, especially in the summer months.

Ferry to Kos from other Greek islands

You can easily reach Kos by ferry from the port of Piraeus in Athens, there are approximately 4 departures per week. However, the journey takes about 11 hours. Apart from Athens, it is also connected to Kos, Rhodes, Patmos, Leros and Kalymnos by ferry. Patmos is the closest island to Kos and the ferry route between these two destinations takes 2 to 3 hours.

If you are going to travel to Kos from a different Greek island, you can easily buy your ticket here.

Ferry to Kos

Kos is the second most popular island of the Dodecanese, after Rhodes. Known for its historical sites, beautiful beaches and lush vegetation, the island is visited by approximately 1 million tourists every year!

The island of Kos has a history of 5,000 years and has been influenced by many cultures such as the Ancient Greeks, Romans, Venetians, Medieval Knights and Ottomans.
Thanks to the remnants of all these cultures, one of the best things to do on the island is sightseeing.

The most important of these is the Asklepieion, one of the most important holistic healing centers of the ancient world, following the medical instructions of Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine.

Other sights worth seeing include the churches, the medieval castle of Neratzia, the ancient Greek Agora, and the Antimachia Castle.

One of the recommended activities to do is cycling. It is not surprising that Kos is also known as the “Bike island” as cycling is a very popular mode of transport.

There is also a 13 km long bicycle path, ideal for cycling, starting from Faros beach and extending to Psalidi beach! Besides the bike path, there are many mountain bike trails that are ideal for cycling in nature!

What can we say about its beaches? The options are endless! Sandy, pebbly, crowded, secluded, orderly, messy… There is a beach for every taste and all of them are easily accessible.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit some of the best beaches on the island, such as Kardamena beach, Tigaki beach, Mastichari beach, Marmari beach, and Kefalos beach.

Get ready for an unforgettable Kos trip!

Kos Island

Kos, the birthplace of Hippocrates and a famous healing center, is an attractive center with its architectural and cultural heritage. It is the 3rd largest island of the 12 islands to which it is connected, after Rhodes and Karpathos.

The island of Kos, which welcomes thousands of tourists every year, is only 10 nautical miles from Bodrum. The ideal vacation time for Kos island is 3 days. You can tour the island by renting the best car. Along with its beaches and historical places, Kos is one of the most ideal destinations as a sea and cultural holiday.

How to Get to Kos?

How to get to Kos island; Although there is an international airport on the island of Kos, there are no direct flights from Turkey. The island of Kos, which cannot be reached directly by plane, can be reached by ferryboats departing from Bodrum in the fastest and most economical way.

Bodrum Kos trips are made from 3 ports, namely Bodrum Cruise Port, Bodrum Kale Port, and Turgutreis Port. Catamarans and ferries take between 30 minutes and 45 minutes. Departures continue throughout the year. Especially during the busy summer months, there are reciprocal trips.

What Are The Places to Visit in Kos?

Kos (Kos) island, which is connected to 12 islands, is a popular holiday destination. Since it is one of the islands with the highest Turkish population in the Aegean Sea, along with Rhodes, and has been inhabited throughout history, it bears traces of different civilizations. With these features, Kos is very rich in terms of places to visit.

The Hippocratic Tree, where Hippocrates, who is also the father of medicine, gave his lessons under the tree 2400 years ago, is located on the island of Kos. The tree that still exists today is thought to be descended from the original tree and is 500 years old. You can find the must-see places, including the Knights Castle and the Neratzia Castle, on our Places to Visit in Kos page.

Bodrum Kos Ferry Schedules

Bodrum Kos ferry times vary according to the ports. The ferries of Yesil Marmaris Lines, which depart from Bodrum Cruise Port, depart at 09:15. The journey takes an average of 30 minutes. The ferryboat of Turkish Sea Lines also departs at the same time and the journey takes 45 minutes.

The cruises from Bodrum Kale Port are made by Dentur and Bodrum Express Lines companies at 09:15 and take an average of 45 minutes. The cruises from Turgutreis Port also depart at 09:15 and take 45 minutes.

Kos Bodrum ferry times; Kos Bodrum ferry services are also made to Bodrum Cruise Port at 17.30 and to Bodrum Kale and Turgutreis Port at 17.15.

Bodrum Kos ferry services are one-way, round trip, and open return.

Bodrum Kos Ferry Ticket Price

Kos ticket prices are divided into 3 groups; infants, children, and adults. The ticket prices vary according to companies. Bodrum Kos ferry fees and details;

Yesil Marmaris Lines, Bodrum Kos ferry ticket prices are 47 Euros for adults, 24 Euros for children, and 5 Euros for babies. The cruises are made from Bodrum Cruise Port.

Dentur and Turkish Sea Lines, Bodrum Kos ferry ticket prices are 36 Euros for adults, 18 Euros for children, and 5 Euros for babies. Departures are made from Bodrum Kale Port and Turgutreis.

Bodrum Kos Car Ferry

There is not only passenger transport between Bodrum and Kos but also car ferries that you can cross with your own vehicle. You can travel to Kos by ferryboats throughout the year, where you can switch with your own vehicle instead of a rental car. You can contact us to buy tickets for ferries with limited vehicle capacity.

What Are the Passport & Visa Requirements for Kos?

Since the island of Kos is also in the Schengen visa area, you should check if you are required to have a valid Schengen visa to visit Greece. You may check the details on the Countries Need Visa For Greece page.

You can buy Bodrum Kos ferries with the best price guarantee on our website ferrytogreekislands.com. If you wish, you can also access ferry tickets from Kos to different Greek islands via the link on our website.

You can also review our Kos holidays that we have prepared with the most affordable price options for your trips to Greece. You can have a nice holiday with your loved ones in carefully selected hotels.

Which Islands Can You Go To From Kos?

It is also very curious to see which islands there are ferries from Kos island. Due to its location, there are trips to many islands from the island. During your Kos island holiday, you can easily go to a second island as a day trip.

It is possible to go to the island of Kalymnos, which is right next to it, as a day trip. Kalymnos departures are available 4 days a week on Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Kos Rhodes ferry services are available 5 days a week. Kos Leros ferry services operate 4 days a week.

It is possible to pass through Kos in the most economical and fastest way to the island of Santorini, which is difficult to reach from Turkey. Blue Star Ferries company has 2 times a week Kos Santorini ferry services.

You can reach the ferry departures within the islands close to Kos as well as the ferries to the island of Kos on our page.

The Best Beaches of Kos

The island of Kos, which has a coastline of 112 km, has magnificent beaches. 12 of them are blue flag beaches. With its golden sands and long beaches, the island is also very suitable for water sports.

With its long beaches in kilometers, the most beautiful beaches among the 12 islands are on the island of Kos. Of course, there are sandy beaches and beaches with large and small pebbles for those who do not like sand.

As in all the islands, the beaches in the north of Kos island are more windy and ideal for surfing. Tigaki, Marmari and Mastihari beaches are in the north of the island.

Lambi Beach is one of the closest beaches to Kos city centre. Therma Beach is about 10 km away from the center and it is a beach with thermal water coming out of the mountain next to it.

In general, there are always sun loungers and free shower facilities on Kos beaches. It can meet your eating and drinking needs with its taverns to spend a nice day.

Car Rental in Kos

Public transport services in the Greek islands are weak. It is best to rent a car on the islands as the most comfortable and economical. You can contact us to rent a car at the most affordable prices. With the new type of chip driver’s licenses, car rental is done without any problems.

A wonderful holiday awaits you on the island of Kos. You can take any of the holiday options prepared specifically for you which includes the ferry, hotel, and port taxes. You may also modify them as you wish.

Why should you visit Kos?

  • You should definitely see the Hippocrates tree.
  • Visit the impressive Roman amphitheater just behind the town of Kos.
  • Visit the medieval settlement of Palio Pyli next to Mount Dikeos.
  • The city of Kos is pretty flat and very fun to see by bike. There are many trails to explore outside the city as well.
  • Visit the hot springs at Therma beach. Some people swear by the healing properties of mud.

Kos Port

Port of Kos, Kos Town, 85300, Greece.

Telephone: +30 22420 26594
Fax: +30 22420 24185

GPS Co-ordinates
27.2903 ° N, 36.8983 ° E