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Kusadasi Samos Ferry Schedules

Samos is one of the Greek islands that stands out for its stunning beaches and beautiful natural scenery. Great place for vacation in nature! The capital of the island is Vathi, but a drive along the coastline will take you to many picturesque seaside villages such as Kokkari, Pythagorion, Karlovassi and Heraion.

Kuşadası Samos Feribot, Kusadasi Samos Ferry

Kusadasi Samos Ferry

You can easily reach Samos island with the Meander Travel ferries departing from Kusadasi. Kusadasi Samos ferry services are arranged reciprocally every day during the summer months.

Ferry to Samos from other Greek islands

From the port of Piraeus in Athens, you can reach Samos in a 12-hour journey. Samos is also linked to several other islands, including Syros, Mykonos, Ikaria, Fourni and Chios.

If you are going to travel to Samos from a different Greek island, you can easily buy your ticket here.

Ferry to Samos

As for the beaches of Samos, they have an exotic landscape. Tsamadou, Agios Konstantinos, Potokaki and Lemonakia are some of the best beaches in Samos. Thanks to its large size, Samos has a wide variety of beaches, both secluded and organized! There are also some naturist beaches!!!

Samos is also the perfect base for weekend getaways! For those in the mood for a quick trip, daily ferry connection between Kusadasi and Samos is provided by Meander Travel.

Samos is not only one of the most popular islands in Greece, but also one of the most beautiful. This jewel of the Eastern Aegean stands out with its lush natural environment, quaint fishing villages and stunning beaches. Considering that the island of Samos is very close to the Turkish coast, the mutual ferry services between Kusadasi and Samos are provided by Meander Travel.

Moreover, vacationing in Samos is a great opportunity to go from island to island to the nearby islands of Ikaria and Fourni.

The coastline of Samos is surrounded by many beautiful beaches such as Tsamadou, Tsabou, Psili Ammos and Agios Konstantinos.

If you manage to distance yourself from the beautiful beaches of Samos, you should go sightseeing. There are many archaeological monuments and sites from various historical periods all over the island. According to legend, Samos was the island of the ancient Greek goddess Hera. That’s why the natives built a great sanctuary, Heraion, in his honor. Near Heraion is the Eupalinus Tunnel, the aqueduct of Ancient Samos and one of the greatest technological achievements of its time.

For those who love to explore, there are many more places to explore in Samos. One of them is the Monastery of Panagia Spiliani on Pythagorion. There you will find a mysterious cave church that allegedly contains the holy icon of the Virgin Mary. Those who prefer trekking will be happy to know that many hiking paths pass over the island!

The island of Samos is the perfect place for adventurous holidays in nature… Samos will take your breath away, that’s for sure!

Samos Island

It is one of the islands that Turkish tourists have shown the most interest in for years. It is the closest Greek island to Turkey in terms of location. The distance between Dilek Peninsula National Park and Samos Island is only 1 km.

Samos is one of the 12 Ionian cities founded before Christ. It is the 8th largest island in Greece. Today’s population is around 40 thousand. Ppisagor (Pythagoras ho Sámios), one of the most famous philosophers and mathematicians of ancient Ionia, who lived between 570 and 495 BC, is also from Samos.

Pythagorion, the most popular region of the island, is also named after him. Although the economy is generally based on tourism, the products grown specifically for the island are grapes, olives, honey, dried figs, orchids and citrus fruits.

Award-winning dessert wines produced from the island’s grapes are famous. Samos Wine Museum and Archaeological Museum are must-sees. Among the Samos villages, the villages of Vourliotes and Manolates are also places that should be added to your travel list. The main cities of the island of Samos are Vathy, the capital city, Pythagorion (Pythagoras), Karlovasi, and Kokkari.

How to Get to Samos?

The easiest way to reach Samos island, where you can see every shade of blue and green opposite Kusadasi, is with the Meander Travel ferries departing from Kusadasi Ege Port.

Kusadasi Samos ferry services are made to the ports of Vathy and Pythagorion on the island.

The office of Meander Travel company is located right across the port. There is only passenger transportation between Kusadasi and Samos and there is no ferry that you can cross by car.

Kusadasi Ege Port is also one of the largest ports where cruise ships come to Turkey.

What Are The Places to Visit in Samos?

The island of Samos, one of the greenest Greek islands, Samos is an island rich in museums, historical villages, beaches, and ruins. You can find the detailed Samos travel guide at Places to Visit in Samos.

Kusadasi Samos Ferry Schedules

Kusadasi Samos ferry services, which have been operating regularly since 1977, are carried out by Meander Travel.

Kusadasi Samos ferry services operate regularly from the beginning of April until the end of October. The cruises depart from Kusadasi Port at 09:00 every day. The average travel time is 75 minutes.

Kusadasi Samos ferry trips also depart at 17.00 in the spring months and at 18.00 during the summer months. You can check the details of Kusadasi Samos ferry services here.

Kusadasi Samos Ferry Ticket Price

Ticket prices in Kusadasi Samos ferry services are determined by 3 different types as adults, children, and infants. Infants aged 0 to 5, children aged 6 to 11, and adults 12 and over. Tickets are sold in three different price categories: one-way, same-day round-trip, and round-trip on different days.

Kusadasi Samos ferry tickets can be purchased online at the most affordable prices, including port taxes, on ferries operated by Meander Travel. One-way tickets are free for infants aged 0-5, €26 for children aged 6 to 11, and €36 for adults.

Tickets for the same-day round trips are free for babies between 0-5 years old, 31 Euros for children between 6-11 years old, and 41 Euros for adults. Tickets are free for babies between 0-5 years old, 42 Euros for children between 6-11 years old, and 52 Euros for adults on round-trip tickets on different days.

Kusadasi Samos ferry tickets include both the port taxes of Kusadasi Egeports and Samos. You can buy Kusadasi Samos ferry tickets with the best price guarantee.

What Are the Passport & Visa Requirements for Samos?

Since the island of Samos is also in the Schengen visa area, you should check if you are required to have a valid Schengen visa to visit Greece. You may check the details on the Countries Need Visa For Greece page.

You can buy a Kusadasi Samos ferry ticket with the best price guarantee on our website ferrytogreekislands.com. If you wish, you can also access ferry tickets from Samos to different Greek islands via the link on our website.

You can also review our Samos holidays that we have prepared with the most affordable price options for your trips to Greece. You can have a nice holiday with your loved ones in carefully selected hotels.

Which Islands Can You Go To From Samos?

There are many island options that we can pass through the island of Samos. Thanks to this advantage, the island of Samos, which is located at the junction of the Dodecanisos, Cyclades (Cyclades), and North Aegean islands, can easily pass to many Greek islands.

The trips to Mykonos (Mykonos) island, where you can make the fastest and most economical transit from Samos, take only 3.5 hours. The most economical and fastest transit from Turkey is Kusadasi Samos Mykonos, and it is possible to pass within the same day. Mykonos (Mykonos) ferry ticket prices start from 21€. Samos Mykonos ferries depart from the ports of Vathy and Karlovasi.

From the Pythagorion Port in the south of the island, there are fast ferries to Ikaria, Patmos, Leros, Kalymnos, Kos, Symi, and Rhodes. It is also possible to reach the capital Athens from the island by ferry. There are also departures from Karlovasi Port and Vathy Port to Chios and Lesbos, which are the Northern Aegean islands. The departures are more intense than in the summer months.

You can find the timetable inquiry and the best prices on our website in order to pass from Samos island to other Greek islands.

The Best Beaches of Samos

Where to swim on the island of Samos is a question we all ask, Samos is not only an island with its green nature and fresh air, but also with magnificent beaches and there are 19 blue flag beaches.

Samos beaches are like the synthesis of green and blue. Beaches on the island are gathered in the southern and northern regions. The beaches in the north of the island get wind in the afternoon, as in all the islands. There is the beach in the center of Kokari area and Tsamadou Beach, Lemonakia Beach and Tsabou Beach just ahead. There are also sun loungers, umbrellas and taverns on the beaches. Continuing to proceed in the northwest direction, there is Avlakia Beach.

Potami Beach in Karlovasi is one of the must-see beaches. The common feature of all beaches is that they are not sandy beaches. A little far from the Vathy area is Livadaki Beach, a hidden paradise.

Among those who love sandy beaches and families with children, there is Psili Ammos, the only beach on the island. It can be reached on the Vathy Pythagorion road in an average of 15 minutes. Right across the Dilek Peninsula National Park can be seen easily.

Pythagorio beach is located in the south of the island. The beach is pebbly and within walking distance of the centre. In the center of Pythagorion, within walking distance of the ferry, there is a beach right behind the Pythagorean statue with sun loungers, umbrellas and shower facilities for those who will go for the day.

Car Rental in Samos

There are no car ferry services between Kusadasi and Samos. Considering the distances between the regions, it is the most logical to rent a car in Samos, as in all Greek islands.

Due to the weak public transportation systems and being at certain times, we recommend you to rent a car in order to move freely during your trip and to travel smoothly between the places to visit on the island of Samos. You can contact us to rent a car at the most affordable prices. With the new type of chip driver’s licenses, car rental is done without any problems.

A wonderful holiday awaits you on the island of Samos. You can take any of the holiday options prepared specifically for you which includes the ferry, hotel, and port taxes. You may also modify them as you wish.

Why should you visit Samos?

  • Visit Heraion and Pythagorion – the ruins of the ancient city of Samos – both worth a visit.
  • Visit the Eupalinos tunnel. It was excavated at both ends using mathematical calculations and originally served as an aqueduct.
  • The picturesque fishing village of Kokkari is a must, and for the hiking type, Samos has 45 routes, the most unique of which is the hike to the 1,433m Mount Kerkis.
  • If you come to Samos in spring or autumn, you should definitely visit Potami Falls. They can dry out in the summer.
  • Go swimming at Tsamadou beach. Probably the best beach on the island. Crystal clear waters surrounded by lush pine trees.
  • Visit the Pythagorion and Vathy Archaeological Museums.
  • Visit the temple of Hera.

Samos Ports

Vathy (Samos) Port
Vathy (Samos) Port, Samos Town, Aegean Islands, 83100, Greece.

Telephone: +30 2273027318
Fax: +30 2273080888

GPS Co-ordinates
26.9702 ° N, 37.7563 ° E

Pythagorio (Samos) Port, Pythagorio Town, Aegean Islands, 83103, Greece.

Telephone: +30 2273061225
Fax: +30 2273062695

GPS Co-ordinates
26.944 ° N, 37.6882 ° E