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Places to Visit in Chios Island

Chios is one of the most beautiful Greek islands and is located on the eastern side of the Aegean Sea. There are daily ferry services from the cosmopolitan resort town of Cesme to Chios. You can find below the places to visit in Chios, in brief, as a list so you may plan your holiday making sure that you will not miss any of them. 

Sakız Adası'nda Gezip Görülecek Yerler
Sakız Yel Değirmenleri


Four traditional windmills are located on the Vrontados road, 1.5 km north of Chios.

Sakız Orta Çağ Kalesi

Medieval Castle

The construction of the castle, which is an impressive and powerful structure that reminds the historical importance of Chios, started by the Byzantines in the 10th century and underwent some constructions by the Venetians in the 16th century.

Sakız Volissos Kalesi

Volissos Castle

It is thought that the castle, which was built during the Byzantine period, was restored by the Genoese in the middle of the 15th century.

Sakız Arkeoloji Müzesi

Archeology Museum

Besides prehistoric and archaic treasures from the excavations of the English School at Emporios, this collection includes impressive Neolithic and Classical finds.

Sakız Adası Sakız Müzesi

Chios Island Mastika Museum

The museum is dedicated to “Mastika” (gum), a unique product that shapes the natural and human environment of the Mastichochoria region in the south of Chios. The cultivation of mastica has been recognized by UNESCO for inscription on the list of intangible heritage.

Sakız Daskalopetra Homeros Taşı

Daskalopetra Homerus Stone

The Homerus Stone or Daskalopetra is a historical place in the Vrontados region and is the stone on which Homerus sat and narrated her poems, according to the rumor.

Sakız Gözetleme Kuleleri


Chios watchtowers are medieval cylindrical towers built on the promontory and shores of the island to watch over the sea in order to notify the inhabitants in time in case of an enemy attack.

Sakız Agio Gala Mağarası

Agio Gala Cave

It is the largest and most impressive cave in Chios with its astonishing formations.

Sakız Denizcilik Müzesi

Maritime Museum

Housed in a beautiful mansion, this interesting museum showcases the island’s long maritime history. In the museum, there are pictures of local sailors and ship models, photographs and many navigation tools.

Sakız Korais Kütüphanesi ve Philip Argenti Müzesi

Korais Library and Philip Argenti Museum

The Chios Korais Library was established in 1792 as part of the Great Chian School, with an important collection in excess of 130,000 volumes. Upstairs, you can visit the Philip Argenti Museum, which displays shepherd’s tools, embroidery, traditional costumes and portraits, along with a 19th-century maternity chair.

Sakız Nea Moni Manastırı

Nea Moni Monastery

Nea Moni Monastery was built in the 15th century and was recently declared a World Heritage Monument by UNESCO. The monastery, which is one of the oldest in Greece, is located between the villages of Karyes and Avgonyma.

Sakız Narenciye Müzesi

Citrus Museum

The citrus museum presents documents and historical elements of local citrus and its production, as well as a beautiful space for exhibitions.

Sakız Olimpi Mağarası

Olympi Cave

This cave near the village of Olympi is another miracle of nature. It was discovered in 1985 and has a width of 60 m and a humidity of 95%.

Sakız Oinousses Adası

Oinousses Island

This small island, which has a rich natural history, is a wonderful place where you can go with boats departing from the harbor for the day and spend time to the fullest, with its traditional architecture, beautiful beaches and calm environment.

Sakız Psara Adası

Psara Island

Psara is a small island with a rich historical past and is an ideal place for complete isolation and privacy. There is also a traditional village with magnificent beaches and a few rooms for rent.

Sakız Agia Markella Manastırı

Agia Markella Monastery

Agia Markella Monastery was built on the site where the saint died for his faith. The monastery is the patroness of the island and is celebrated every 22 July.

Sakız Agios Markos Manastırı

Agios Markos Monastery

The Monastery of Agios Markos is located near Karyes, only 6 km from the city of Chios. Due to its high position, it has a very beautiful view.

Sakız Dotia Kulesi

Dotia Tower

Built by the Genoese at the beginning of the 15th century during the general fortification of the island, this three-storey tower was built using light gray limestone, with four walls preserved except for the south wall.

Sakız Bizans Müzesi

Byzantine Museum

Located in the 19th century Ottoman mosque in the center of Chios, this museum was established in 1980. The artifacts on display at the museum, which includes a collection of items and finds discovered on the island and donated from private collections, range from the early Christian era to the 17th century.

Sakız Kutsal Babalar Manastırı

Holy Fathers Monastery

This monastery is dedicated to the Holy Cross and the three monks who founded the Nea Moni monastery. It is located between Avgonyma and Karyes.

Sakız Folklor Müzesi

Folklore Museum

The folklore museum is located in the village of Pyrgi and was founded by the cultural community “Adamantios Korais”. It houses a rich collection of rural and agricultural tools, photographic and local press files, and handcrafted objects.

Sakız Kilise Müzesi

Ecclesiastical Museum

This small museum is housed in a former cell in the Nea Moni Monastery and houses post-Byzantine icons, silver religious artifacts, embroidery and woven fabrics.

Sakız Justinian Müzesi

Justinian Museum

The Justinian Museum (or Palataki) is housed in a historic building dating from the 15th century AD and contains Byzantine icons, frescoes and religious items from the Venetian period.

Sakız Ta Markou Kulesi

Ta Markou Tower

Built in the 15th century, it formed the central defensive tower of the medieval settlement.